Not just internet…. Y NETWORKS brings revolution in internet business with its multidirectional value added services (VAS) platform which gives immense opportunities for operator to create multiple income sources.

The Company Portfolio of delivering Broadband and Internet Solutions with extensive domain knowledge, dedication and core professional team has successfully embarked its presence in the market. The services offered includes:-
• Data Carrier Services
• VOIP Services
• Broadcast Signal Distribution Services
• Broadband VSAT Services
• GPON Services
• Collocation Services
• International Gateway Services

IP based Local Advertising

Business trends have changed with ever increasing marketing needs. Thus, the role of local business advertising has gained importance worldwide. The concept of visibility has consequently brought in significant changes to the ways businesses operate and the results they receive.

Weather its thorugh mobile searches or thorugh your desktop, visibility of your products highly contribute to the success of a commercial entity. In recent times the importance of local searches can hardly be denied because of its high end values in terms of effective results.

Local advertising provide local advertisers to effectively create local impressions for promoting the products in target customer base through IP Based advertisements and enabling imprssive growth of their business. Reach out to your local market with local business advertising over internet login and admin pages, browser etc. this creates enournous business opportunity for operators who can shre the advt revenue with Y Networks thereby subsidising or virtually offering broadband for free.

Video Survillance As Service (VSaaS)

Y Net video survillance is a video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) solution, a centrally hosted video monitoring solution designed for the mass market which intelligently stores and manages video content originating from IP and analog cameras, and effiently delivers the content to multiple user devices, such as web browsers, mobile phones, smart phones (including android and iPhone), tablets and media sets, for mass market use.

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