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Create loyalty and additional revenue for your business!

Y-Spot is a convenient, fast way to connect to the internet over Wi-Fi. Y-NET is in process of setting up of thousands of free hot spots across India through its partners with a time bound free access.

Offering Wi-Fi hotspots will increase customer footfall, loyalty and sales. Providing Wi-Fi HotSpot services at crowded venue such as a pub, restaurants, malls or café.

With a range of packages we make Wi-Fi simple and affordable for everyone. We provide everything you need to run a successful and profitable Wi-Fi hotspot including network management , security, advanced content filtering, marketing materials, and customized login screens and 24/7 live support.

Our Wi-Fi Networks are built in association with partners and are available Indoors or Outdoors, Paid or Free access.

Offer a Free to access Wi-Fi Hotspot your venue.

Our Wi-Fi Hotspot services are the perfect value added free wireless internet hotspot service for your business. You can offer free wireless internet access to your customers and see the rewards in new customers Database and loyalty. Alternatively, you can provide a free period after which customers may pay for WiFi access where you the venue owner or event promoter keeps 100% of the revenue.

Capture the business of the lunchtime office staff who often have restricted access to social websites, email and betting sites at their place of work.

Attract high value customers armed with iPhones, Blackberry’s, Android, Windows Mobile phones, iPads, tablets and laptops who are always on the lookout for good quality wireless access.

Key Benefits:

  • Marketing material to help you promote your Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Your logo on your Wi-Fi hotspot welcome page
  • Your logo on your Wi-Fi hotspot access vouchers
  • Fully managed and monitored by us 24 hours per day 7 days per week
  • Your business listed on global free Wi-Fi venue location directories and website
  • Free access for your own PC, laptop, mobile phones or tablet computers
  • Full telephone support for you and your customers 24 hours per day 7 days per week
  • Fully legally compliant in line with DoT and TRAI directives
  • Offer “Free” Wi-Fi to all users
  • Your logo on splash pages
  • Your own network name (SSID)
  • Redirect all users to any website
  • Sell advertising to your neighbors
  • Print your own vouchers
  • Managed & monitored 24/7
  • 24/7 helpdesk
  • Your own pricing for paid users or free users
  • Nothing for you to do
  • Low one off set up charge
  • Zero monthly rental
  • All of the setup and software on all our wireless hotspots and networking equipment compliant with all DoT and TRAI norms.

We keep you legal and within the law!

We have a range of packages to suit one very small cafe, right through and up to providing a wireless network for a village, town or city communities.

What Your Clients Will See

Your Wi-Fi Hotspot will promote your business to anyone nearby with a wireless device 24 hours a day, and our advanced captive portal technology lets them know who and where you are and you can enjoy the goodwill generated by one-click access for all, or have them come into your business for an access voucher. You can even charge users after providing a period of time for free.
You keep 100% of that revenue or we offer revenue sharing in your favour of course!

We provide you with everything you need to get your hotspot up and running with zero difficulty. We can even come and install your venue hotspot to ensure it works as it should. Our hotspot connects to Y NET router.

The Wi-Fi Hotspot is simple plug-and-play technology – .The Wi-Fi Hotspot can be configured to provide one click access for all. Or you can make new customers of wireless users in the vicinity of your premises by distributing access cards only to customers.
We apply the download and time limits specify to prevent users from abusing your great free service.

Our Wi-Fi hotspots use the latest technologies to provide your clients with an easy-to-use, secure and reliable Wi-Fi hotspot internet access solution.

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